Tailored Forward

It started with a wedding... and continued with a passion for clothing, quality, and value.


Custom Shirts - $110 - Made in North Carolina

Our shirts are custom made, one at a time, to your exact specifications. Our three step process is described below.


Step 1 - Basic Sizing

We offer two core fits: the traditional and the modern. The traditional fit has a full chest, roomy armholes, and reminds folks of the classic fits of American heritage brands. The modern fit slims the chest and waist, has slightly higher armholes and trimmed sleeves, but remains more movement-oriented than most fast fashion shirts you see on the rack.

Once you've selected fit, the neck and sleeve measures are the bare minimum to get you a great shirt. We can adjust the neck or sleeve by quarter inch increments (1/4") and offer separate measures for left and right sleeve, in case one arm is a touch longer than the other.


Step 2 - Style & Features

You can choose fabric, collar, placket, pockets, cuffs, and more to make your shirt exactly the way you want to wear it. All options are described with imagery in our shirt builder form.

We offer a full range of features:

  • Cuff: French, barrel, mitre, rounded
  • Collar: 
  • Placket: Standard (visible stitching on both sides of the buttons), French (no visible stitching), or Popover (Standard placket to mid-chest)
  • Pocket: None, one, or two

Step 3 - Advanced Alterations

We recommend applying these alterations after you've tried one of our shirts first. That way, you know how the fabric and fit responds to being cleaned (100% cotton will shrink a touch), how you like to wear it (tucked, untucked, etc), and generally how the base model fits overall. If you're feeling confident out of the gate, go ahead and try some of these on your first order - but remember our advice, err on the high side! It is much easier to wear something a touch loose than way too tight... and easier to fix at a local tailor!

Our available advanced alterations include cuff circumference, shirt length, armhole sizing, bicep circumference, and more. All are included in the shirt builder form with descriptions and guidelines.