Tailored Forward

It started with a wedding... and continued with a passion for clothing, quality, and value.

We ship directly from the manufacturer.

One of the many ways we keep our prices low is by shipping directly from the manufacturer. Shirts will ship from North Carolina and tailored garments (suits, jackets, outerwear, formalwear) ship from Massachusetts.

Shirts ship for $10
All shirt orders have a $10 shipping charge to the US, regardless of order size. Canada - $20, Australia - $40

Suits ship for $20
All suit/ jacket orders have a $20 shipping charge to the US, regardless of order size. Canada - $40, Australia - $80


$150 Rush Orders
In a hurry? Cut your customer suit order timeline in half -  from eight to four weeks or less - for $150 per garment.

Pricing and Return Policy

We keep our prices low for several reasons.  
Primarily, we want the highest percentage of your dollar to have the highest impact on your clothing - which means most of the price listed makes it to the actual maker and material cost.  

We charge far less than typical MSRP because that suggested price allows a very high percentage of your dollar to go to many things besides your clothes. Fancy retail store? Lots of margin to cover rent; our basic site and a home office is all we have.  Huge staff? Lots more margin; it's just the two of us, and we built this thing while holding down day jobs. Huge inventory? Big margin allows for big discounts once that inventory gets old; with us, nothing gets old since it's made after you order and our fair prices don't leave room for discounts anyway!

Last, but certainly not least, we want to make sure that quality clothes made in America are not removed from consideration simply based on price. From day one our target prices have been in line with fast fashion brands that produce overseas at far lower labor and material costs. Some corners just aren't worth cutting.

We do not accept returns - but will make sure your order is right.
We sell custom made, directly shipped goods.  When you place an order for a shirt, jacket, or suit we will confirm your order before a maker goes to work - cutting and sewing the fabrics you've selected into the clothing you want to wear.  Anything custom made is non-returnable as it was literally made just for you.

If we mess it up somehow - you order navy and get brown, you order a 36 and get a 46 -  we will, of course, make it right. Over the years, we've learned what mistakes are easy to make and how to avoid them. If we spot something odd with your order, we will do our best to catch and correct it early before anything is cut or sewn that can't be fixed. We'd rather take a bit more time to get things right than waste money on custom clothes that don't fit anybody.

A good thing to remember - when in doubt, err on the high side of all measures. Local tailors can take things in with ease (and we can get it spot on for your next order), but letting custom clothes out is tough! Off the rack clothing usually includes lots of extra fabric so you can let things out as needed. That fabric creates bulk, adds weight, and means more raw materials than necessary go into the garment. Custom clothing fits better, wears lighter, and has a smaller resource footprint.