Tailored Forward

It started with a wedding... and continued with a passion for clothing, quality, and value.

When our founder, Nathan Scripps, was married, he knew that nothing off the rack would fit his wide ranging groomsmen. Nathan also knew that fast fashion or other online brands, while they may offer the sizes, didn't provide the quality he wanted, in terms of both the clothes and how they were made. Cesar Byström, one of Nathan's groomsmen and our co-founder, helped design the suits you see in the pictures above. They had a great time in the process, kept talking about how to turn that passion into a side-project business, and Tailored Forward was born.

Low price does not mean good value. I am tired of low quality, well marketed fast fashion beating out high quality American made goods just because they’re cheap. I wanted higher quality, American made clothing that was still affordable, even when fully custom. When I couldn’t find the clothes I wanted, we built Tailored Forward and I became the first customer.
— Nathan Scripps

The Idea

The wedding sparked an idea that turned Nathan and Cesar's passion for clothing into a hobby business. Their goal was to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to design great custom clothing that is made in America at a fair price. Fashion is fleeting, style should last forever.

The Evolution

They started small and local, making suits for friends, family, and local clients. Their first Kickstarter offered shirts and sport coats and was over 200% funded. Through trial and error, they zeroed in on the right process, the common questions, and the core styles to keep things smooth and simple.

The Necessity

Fast fashion is flooding the market with advertising dollars, retail stores, and new trends almost every week, all paid for with high margins above very low cost of goods. This revolving door of fast fashion is taking a massive toll on our planet and the people that actually make the goods. We can do better.