Tailored Forward

It started with a wedding... and continued with a passion for clothing, quality, and value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, a few questions keep coming up. While we are always happy to answer them, this may save us all some time.

Still curious about something? Send me a note! nathan@tailoredforward.com


Where are your clothes made?

Everything is Made in America. Our shirts are made in North Carolina while our suits, jackets, and formalwear are made in Massachusetts. Both factories have been operating for decades and are owned by a nationally known and rather legendary brand.

How long does it take to get a suit? What about a shirt?

Standard orders take six to eight weeks once the order has been confirmed. Confirming an order usually takes about 24 hours on weekdays, but might be more if we need to go back and forth to clarify details or adjust measurements. Rush orders are available for $150 per garment - so two suits woudl be $300, three would be $450 and so on. Rush deliveries include US shipping charges.

Shirts are custom cut and sewn in four to six weeks and there is no rush service available.

Can I make a suit out of fabric I already have? What about fabric I order online?

YES! You can absolutely make custom clothing out of whatever fabric works best for you, provided our manufacturer can work with it. We tried to get waxed canvas and other heavier materials into the mix, but that was a no-go based on the machines they have in Massachusetts. As long as you are using standard, apparel grade fabrics we should be good. When in doubt, send us a note with images and any specs to confirm.

These prices don't seem legit. Is this a scam?

This is not a scam, but we'll take that as a compliment! It was born as a hobby so overhead has and will always be minimal. Keeping prices low was always part of our mission and was a driving motivation to start the project in the first place! Check out our pricing policies to read more.